What Exactly Is Energy Trading? An Interesting Field For Energy Risk Professionals.

Energy Trading Technology

I’m sure every Energy Risk Professional has at one point or another asked himself/herself whether energy trading wouldn’t be a good challenge to get involved in. I certainly have many times and have dabbled in trading more than once 😉 A large part of the energy risk professional curriculum prepares us quite nicely for trading and financial risk management in the field.

Here I put together three brief videos that give an overview about what’s going on today in energy trading. Feel free to take them as a starting point to inform yourself about the subject of trading commodities and equities in the energy sector. Enjoy!

Sunguard: “Risk management a skill in demand for energy trading.”

Overview of Energy Trading at Shell: What does it take to trade energy at Shell? “Live 100 years and not get bored.”

Shell: “Reponsiblity is encouraged every hour of the day.”

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