Energy Risk Professional Salary

A question I often hear is “How much can I expect to earn as an Energy Risk Professional?” Obviously, this largely depends on one’s education and experience. I went ahead and searched for ERP salaries on an entry level on and Simplyhired lets you calculate average salaries for jobs posted on their site. An annual salary of $74,000 came out on average for energy risk professionals: delivers a similar picture, an average of roughly $59,000:

Again, these numbers are calculated for entry level positions with minimal experience. GARP delivers data for more experienced risk managers:

You see, as in any job, compensation is largely dependent on education and experience. In my opinion, having the Energy Risk Professional certification (ERP) under your belt can only help you rise on the pay scale, especially, as the designation will gain popularity over the years. If you consider working in energy, it also makes sense to get an early start in the field, as your experience will accumulate over the years. For more info about this topic, please also read “What can the ERP do for my career”.

If you are currently looking for a job, please also visit the ERP Job Board. In either case, I wish you all the best for your ERP exam preparation!