The Book: Renewable Energy In A Nutshell

Renewable energy is a hot topic. Especially since many developed nations have declared to shut down their nuclear plants in favor of renewables. It has long been evident that fossil fuels will not last forever, but in order to compete with them, alternative sources of energy need research and investment to increase their reliability and efficiency.

Despite their increasing popularity, renewables are still largely misunderstood.

There is much more than solar power and hydroelectricity to renewable energy. As renewables are such a large and relatively new topic, it is quite difficult to get an overview. At least that is what I encountered when I studied for the ERP.

With Renewable Energy In a Nutshell I organized the most important concepts of renewables into a comprehensive format by removing the information I found confusing when getting started. On 24 concise pages, in only 90 minutes of reading time you can familiarize yourself with the six forms of renewable energy, or review the subject altogether for your exam prep. I believe it would be difficult to condense the topic more while still maintaining an enjoyable form.

I encourage you to get a free sample chapter of Renewable Energy In A Nutshell from the Renewable Energy Hub. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know!

Renewable Energy In A Nutshell cover